Faculty Research Retreat - Affinity Group Meetings, 9:00–11:30 am

Event Date: Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time: 9:00–11:30 am

Event Location: Library, TBA

Course Module(s): Am I Ready? / Build a Study / Do No Harm / I Need Money and Time / Managing Collaborations / Toolkit / View from DC / Who Owns That? / Writing, Writing, Writing / Faculty Research and Professional Development Week Events


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Affinity Groups will meet at the Faculty Retreat Tuesday January 23rd, from 9:00 – 11:30 am.


Faculty are encouraged to attend any of these affinity groups, unless it is specifically stated as closed to new members.


Assigned rooms will be listed in the retreat agenda, which will be available at retreat check-in.


Please contact Jaylan Turkkan for more information.






Beatty, Brian; Nickerson, Rob

Academic Affairs

Flipped Classroom (Active Learning)


Blecha, Jennifer

Geography & Environment

Food and agricultural systems

Our goal is to create a consortium of faculty interested in Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture, and related topics. Potential activities may include writing a USDA grant to form a Food Studies Certificate or Institute. Faculty teaching or doing research on related topics (or who are interested in developing related course content) are invited to attend. Faculty are welcome from all fields, including physical sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, as well as from health, hospitality, education, business, and legal professions. Relevant topics include:

  • agro-ecology, soil health, agricultural biodiversity, water, pollinators, climate change and agriculture
  • food security, holistic nutrition, traditional foods, school gardens, school lunches, health and diet, food deserts, public health, antibiotic use in livestock, pesticides and health
  • food sovereignty, food & agriculture policy, urban agriculture, farm & restaurant worker justice, local & regional food economies, ethics and animal welfare


Castillo, Karla

Social Work

Prevention Education at SF State


Courey, Susan

Special Ed

Strategic Partners. Affinity Group: Strategic Partners


Dekens, Petra; Stine Zan

Earth Sci & climate

“Climate across the curriculum”


Domingo, Carmen


NSF Advance Group
(Not open to new members)


Eliason, Mickey

Health Education

LGBTQ Scholars
The LGBTQ Scholars group consists of any faculty teaching or conducting research on LGBTQ issues.  We provide support to each other in addressing institutional, attitudinal, and methodological challenges in the study of sexual and gender identities and politics.


Ferns, Bo & Sparks, Tony

Hospitality & Mngmnt

GE Integrated Studies Option


Jeung, Russell

Asian-Am Studies

Teaching Asian American Studies


Kudlick, Catherine

Longmore Institute

Critical Disability Studies


Kumar, Minu

College of Business

Creativity, innovation, design, development, and entrepreneurship. This affinity group brings together individuals with research interest in topics of creativity (processes or as an individual characteristic), innovation (products or processes that create innovation),  design (product, process or service design), development (engineering new technologies or products or processes to create products or entities), and the entrepreneurship in involved recouping value from these activities.


Reyes, Belinda

Latino/a Studies

Latino Educational Achievement Partnership


Sehgal, Ravindar


Biology: Disease Dynamics
Our aim is to create a Center for Predictive Disease Dynamics (CPDD) at SF State with the objective to unite scientists in collaborative research studying the processes that underlie the transmission of pathogens. With an emphasis on developing predictive mathematical and spatial models for infectious diseases, at the core is a commitment to foster the research capabilities of underrepresented minorities and build scientific capacity in developing nations.