Facilities & Administrative Costs Rate Agreement

Important information about SF State's multi-year Facilities and Administrative (indirect cost) rate agreement:

San Francisco State University has a multi-year Facilities and Administrative (indirect cost) rate agreement with the federal government. This agreement specifies the F&A cost rates to be applied to awards from federal and non-federal sponsors.

Read the SFSU Indirect Cost Agreement (pdf format)

The rates specified in the agreement are as follows:

Current Rates (effective 7/1/2018 until 6/30/2020):
On-campus research: 55.0%
On-campus instruction: 50.0%
Other on-campus sponsored activities: 42.5%
Off-campus research, instruction, or other sponsored activities: 26.0%

Exceptions to these rates occur when a funding agency places a cap on the F&A rate. In this case, ORSP must have written guidelines from the funding agency stating that there is a limit on F&A costs.

If you would like to discuss any variance from the above rates, you must speak directly with Susan Pelton, Director for Research (spelton@sfsu.edu or 415-338-7090).