Effective data visualization and analysis using JMP statistical software

Event date: May 04, 2015

Event time: Noon to 2 p.m.

Location: LIB 286

SAS Academic Ambassador and UC San Diego Lecturer Julian Parris will provide a two-part introduction to visualizing and analyzing data using JMP statistical software (published by SAS) on Monday, May 4, from noon to 2 p.m. in LIB 286. Lunch will be provided.

The first hour of the presentation will guide participants through the basics of the JMP statistical platform with an emphasis on crafting effective visualizations to tell the story in the data. The second hour of the session will introduce more advanced visualization, analysis and modeling platforms in JMP with a discussion of best practices in research and teaching.

Participants are asked to bring questions about their data for the group discussion. RSVP to jpaez@sfsu.edu Anyone planning to drop in for part of the workshop should RSVP to Julie Paez at jpaez@sfsu.edu or ext. 5-3995.

For more information, contact Richard Harvey at rharvey@sfsu.edu or ext. 8-3478.

The training is presented by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs through its funding of the SF State Statistics Community of Representative Researchers (CORR) Research Cluster. Stat CORR hosts meetings, workshops and training clinics to foster and promote the dissemination of quantitative and qualitative research skills. Stat CORR aims to connect faculty and staff with specialized methodological knowledge with those who seek assistance designing new research projects, completing data analysis, or developing, submitting and revising extramural grants.