Call for IACUC Community Member

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Our animal welfare program at SFSU is looking for a community member to serve in the IACUC.


Definition:  Someone who is not affiliated with the University in any manner, intended to represent the general community interests in the proper care and treatment of animals.  This person may not be the immediate family of a person affiliated with the institution.


Definition:  A person whose primary concern is in a non-scientific area having no obvious connections to any area of science.  Individuals may have some scientific training, but clearly do not qualify as a practicing scientist with experience in research involving animals.

Responsibilities:  The role of the Non-Affiliated and Non-scientist member is to:

  • Play an active role in all IACUC activities.
  • Make persistent, straightforward inquires about matters that are undetected by the institutional members of the IACUC.
  • Critically review protocols
  • Serve as designated reviewer when appropriate
  • Attend quarterly IACUC meetings. 
  • Must be present at the meetings for business to be conducted.

If  you are interested or  know who might be interested,  please  feel free to contact Neha Kaul,  IRB/ IACUC Administrator,  Phone: (415) 405-4226  Email: