2014 ORSP Research Roundup

On Tuesday, June 10th, ORSP hosted its annual Research Roundup of presentations by faculty who received an ORSP small grant last year for research and creative projects. As always, the Research Roundup was a fascinating afternoon of projects ranging from documentary films to ecology and biology – and beyond. The list of presentations and presenters appears below. When available, presentation materials are linked to their titles.

Title Presenter

Emergence of corporeality; from land‐ to body‐based ways of thinking in prehistory


Douglass Bailey, Anthropology/LCA
Oral history, journalism, and the future of disabled people’s past
Catherine Kudlick, History/CLCA
Women in Science
Carmen Domingo, Biology/COSE
Cancer self‐management for patients with limited English proficiency
Fang‐yu Chou, Nursing/CHSS
The bard in Bollywood
Gitanjali Shahani, English/LCA
Assessing the impact of an ad‐hoc coordinated marketing program
Ian Clark Sinapuelas, Marketing/COB
Binational research between Mexican and U.S. Educators
Ali Borjian, Elementary Education/GCE
Measuring the changing atmospheric impacts of a dynamic city
Andrew Oliphant, Geography/COSE
Lost in Space: effects of delayed locomotion on infant spatial‐cognitive development
David Anderson, Kinesiology/CHSS
Exploring barriers to Latino educational progress at SF State
Belinda Reyes, CCI/ETHST
Error quantification for smart hybrid simulation towards seismic hazard mitigation
Cheng Chen, School of Engineering/COSE
Mobile app development for indoor navigation problem, targeting users with visual impairments
Sunggye Hong, Special Education/GCE
Into sonic space (audio presentation)
(accompanying notes)
Jeff Jacoby, BECA/LCA
Expanding the circle: urban American Indian powwow musical practices
John‐Carlos Perea, American Indian Studies/ETHST
When does life begin? Some ancient texts on abortion
David Leitao, Classics/LCA
Playing in the Streets? Creating children’s recreational space in the urban environment
Anoshua Chaudhuri, Economics/COB
Policy advocacy strategies of nonprofit organizations in the U.S.
Sheldon Gen, PACE/Public Administration/CHSS
Can California slow global warming by conserving forests in Mexico and Brazil?
Kathleen McAfee, International Relations/CLCA
Reflection, Science, and Palestinian P‐5 Education
Daniel Meier, Elementary Education/GCE
Successful aging and its discontent
Marty Martinson, Health Education/CHSS