Grant Development

What is Grant Development?

Grant development fits under the larger umbrella of research development and research administration. Grant development involves an assortment of activities including:

  • finding funding opportunities that match faculty expertise
  • creating a research plan (how to plot and create a timeline, pilot studies, research goals, assessment)
  • proposal development
  • strategic initiatives for research
  • technical writing and editing
  • building a research team
  • interaction with funding agencies and governmental offices
  • limited submissions review process
  • coordination with institutional research administration and leadership 
  • outreach activities (such as workshops on funding agencies or tips and tricks on proposal writing)
  • acting as a resource for institutional knowledge and information

What can a Grant Development Specialist do for me and my research?

Grant Development Specialist can provide technical writing and editing of proposals. She is also available to plan/discuss short and long term goals of your research, how to communicate the importance of your work to a variety of scientific and general audiences, help seek and apply for funding, assess reviewer comments and prepare for resubmission of proposals, and liaison between administration and faculty.

For newer faculty, assistance for developing plans for professional development and moving toward applying to external funding; for mid-career faculty, assistance if deciding to change research focus or experiencing difficulty securing external funding.

How can I use this resource?

To begin, start early. Contact Jessica Mankus (

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