Electronic Grant Proposal Submissions

If you need to register for NSF Fastlane or NIH eRA Commons, please contact the Grants Adminstrator assigned to your College. Note that no registration is required for Grants.gov. If you are unclear about when or how to electronically submit a grant proposal or a progress report, please contact the Grants Adminstrator assigned to your College.


NSF FastLane

NIH eRA Commons


Grants.gov allows organizations to electronically find and apply for Federal grants. Grants.gov is the single access point for over 1,000 grant programs offered by all Federal grant making agencies.

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NSF FastLane

The use of NSF FastLane is required to submit grant proposals and progress reports for the National Science Foundation.

New FastLane users: After submitting your PI Checklist you will receive an email from your Proposal Specialist that includes a temporary FastLane password. Login to FastLane and change your password, remembering to take note of your new password for your records.

Note that for ORSP to help you with your NSF proposal submission, you must allow "SRO access" to your proposal.

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NIH eRA Commons

The NIH Commons provides a way for grantee organizations to electronically communicate with NIH regarding research administration. SF State faculty and staff need to be registered (and have a password) in order to use the NIH Commons; visit the NIH Commons page to register and get a password. Please allow up to 4 days for your password to be activated. Some current features of this site include:

  • Status: PIs can review the current status of their grant applications and information associated with their grants.
  • Just-In-Time: Within Status, users will find a feature to submit Just-In-Time information when requested by the NIH. NIH allows certain elements of a competing application to be submitted after the review, but before award; institutions can electronically submit that information through this module.
  • No-Cost Extension: Within Status, users will find a feature to automatically extend grants that are eligible for a one-time No-Cost Extension . The system will automatically change the end date for the grant and notify the appropriate NIH staff.
  • eSNAP: Allows an institution to review non-competing grant data and submit a progress report online.

Questions regarding the Commons should be directed to the Grants Adminstrator assigned to your College

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